About us

At Unique on Label, we pride ourselves on meeting our customers needs and exceeding their expectations.
About us
Our extensive manufacturing capabilities as well as innovative and market leading technology enables us to work with a wide range of metals and plastics.We can provide you with any labelling solution including metal labels, custom decals, security labels, asset labels, aluminium nameplates, graphic overlays, fascia panels, anodised aluminium labels, engraved labels, vinyl labels, digital printed labels and also electrical control panels, rating plates and machine labels.Through our programme of continual investment we are able to offer many innovative products such as digitally printed anodised labels. This enables us to recreate multi-colour complex images and sequential barcodes printed into the surface of the label or nameplate resulting in an extremely durable product.Our customers directly benefit from our investment and continual improvement programmes, receiving the best quality product available at competitive prices.

why choose us

  • We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
  • Deep domain knowledge
  • Accurate and vigilant design department
  • Manufacturing with precision
  • State-of-Art Technology
  • Technologically advanced products
  • Best price
  • Prompt Deliveries
  • Comprehensive range of Products
  • Maximized Customization facility
  • Seek global market leadership
  • Create a winning work culture
  • To provide trouble free solutions
  • To meet customers satisfaction with a 360º view
  • Operate in the highest standards of ethics and values
  • Excellence in customer service, quality and R&D
  • To provide ready solutions with innovative approach
  • Graphic Fascia and panels
  • Membrane overlays
  • Membrane keypads/switches
  • Nameplates, Logo’s
  • Automotive Decals/Dials
  • Rating plates
  • Warranty labels, cautions labels
  • Aviation Placards
  • PU domes
  • Die-cut insulators, Gaskets and foams
  • IMD products (In Mold Decorative)
  • Die cut parts
  • Routed parts
  • Laser etched Labels, Component painting services
  • UL Approved Labels